About Us The root companies; Aceminor and African Resources were founded in the early 2000s and merged in 2010 to create Acemar. Our product portfolio includes long, flat, and semi-finished steel products, steel making coals, steam coal, iron ore, and ferrous scrap. Trading volume grows with a perspective to expand into new markets and new product lines. Acemar has strong financial capabilities through its established partnerships with premium institutions, banks, and insurance companies. We aim to offer the most flexible financial solutions to our customers. Our global HR perspective is being an attractive, successful, global employer with shared values and strategy. We aim for aligned ways of working, by which every employee feels proud, inspired, and a part of the Acemar family. Acemar head office is in Lucerne Switzerland. We operate through subsidiaries and liaison offices in Turkey, USA, Africa, China and through our widespread agent network in markets elsewhere.

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