ACI Advanced Chemical Industries

About Us aci is a trusted leading manufacturing corporation of Adhesives, Sealants, and Lubricants that was established in 1986 and re-launched as a shareholder company in 1998. We have a long tradition of engineering excellence and innovation that is reflected through our complete line of products. aci has developed a reputation in the industry for providing the most comprehensive level of technical expertise available. Today aci Company has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of Adhesives and Sealants in the regional market. At aci, we strive for continuous improvements to provide high quality products and competitive prices, while meeting your just-in-time production plans. We provide a substantial range of products across a diverse range of markets, with a track record spanning over 30 years. Our success story started in the 80s, when the metal pipes available in Egypt were innovated and replaced with plastic and started to be imported from Germany. The adhesive used for those plastic pipes was short in supply; so this is when aci took the initiative and decided to be the first in Egypt to manufacture this special PVC cement. aci’s original product, which is called Syzer Magic, is today number one irrigation pipe adhesive in Egypt. With Syzer Magic, aci succeeded to cover the market supply gap with a very high quality product, offered with a complete Egyptian know how, and very affordable prices. Based in Egypt, centering all continents, aci has the perfect location to reach all countries worldwide.

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