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AFABCO is the top leading juice manufacturing company in Africa. We aim to provide natural drinks in all of Africa and pay a contribution to offer healthy beverages. Frutaz fruit juice brand are made with freshly squeezed fruit juice and packed in boxes. Healthy living fruits are essential because a single fruit can not provide all nutrition; different fruits contain different minerals and vitamins. We bring tempting and nutritious fruit drinks that are loved by your taste bud and good for your health. Citrus fruit contains dietary fiber that helps to reduce constipation and makes your metabolism fast. Vitamin C helps to reduce belly fat and is beneficial for weight loss. Feel freshness in every sip because it keeps your body hydrated and active. Juices mitigate the risk of deadly diseases like heart attack, cancer, heat stroke, and heartburn. Your taste buds love tempting fruity juices, and you gulp in seconds. Pulpy fruit juices are good for health. A wholesale juice supplier delivers healthy juices to your doorstep daily, and you enjoy a delicious drink every day.