mission Agroganadero del Caribe SAS, is a company in the agricultural sector, committed to helping our clients achieve their productive objectives by providing a wide variety of products, competitive prices and reliable advice and excellent attention. vision Agroganadero del Caribe SAS will continue its continuous improvement process to consolidate us in 2018, as a leading company in national services in the supply of medicines and articles corresponding to livestock activity and pet line, which will make us first remember when our customers require products or information with everything related to our sector , quickly, efficiently and in a timely manner. CORPORATE VALUES respect: In Agroganadero del Caribe SAS, more than employees we have a human capital made up of collaborators, where there is freedom to express opinions on the productive and administrative management of the business, provided that this is done within a framework of respect and consideration of love to our colleagues; establishing rules of conduct that define what conversation and action among all should be like, bearing in mind the golden rule that says

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