HE STORY OF AÏCHA® BEGINS IN 1929 . At the time, the company intended most of its production for export, and more particularly to the American and European markets. Aïcha® then offered a wide choice of products ranging from white truffles to canned vegetables, including fruit in syrup and candied fruit. We already found at that time, the famous cream of ipomée, a product which is still part of the house specialties today. It was in the 1970s that the cannery unit experienced a new impetus following a restructuring and the decision to invest in the local market. The factory is enlarged and production diversified. “Les Conserves de Meknès-Aïcha®” (LCM), known at the time for the excellence of its Aïcha® jams, extended its know-how to tomato paste, olive oil, refined oils, before more recently launch in prepared sauces, tagine sauces, olives, condiments and other miscellaneous products that make LCM a benchmark in the agrifood sector nationally and internationally. KEY DATES IN THE COMPANY'S DEVELOPMENT

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