There will come a time when there will be a few products left that arise exclusively from a responsible approach in dealing with raw materials, that are extremely durable, and that adapt themselves superbly to the people who use them. 00 Over the years we have always ensured to produce the best quality as it contributes in the skeleton of each building. Our Company was founded in 1977. It started by its manufacturing of PVC pipes used for electric wires installation then embedded in concrete. 00 With the evolution of different kinds of polymers, low density polyethylene LDPE proved to be better in serving electrical pipes production. Moreover, PVC manufacturing causes the evolution of chlorine which is a polluting toxic gas. Aside from electrical pipes production, we manufacture LDPE drip irrigation pipe used in land cultivation specially in the deserts. When our company was first founded, we were then the pioneers in production of plastic pipes. As a result, we were always trying to develop new techniques to improve and protect our product’s trade name. This helped us gain an astonishing popularity in the Egyptian market. 00 In today’s competitive market place, you need more than a supplier; you need a business partner. A partner with the know-how and experience to handle your exact specification and a knowledgeable staff of professionals specialized in presenting the right service a partner requires. Our company now produces five different inside diameter sizes for pipes with different colors. In addition, we produce inflammable electrical pipes with different sizes according to the Egyptian specifications. Alaa El Din intends to maintain its prestigious position through hard work, development, and the right use of our experience and acquired technology.

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