As a non-ferrous metal trader , ALMET has established itself for several years on the market as one of the leaders in aluminum sales and a major player in stainless steel. With a national network made up of 8 regional sites , 3 specialized finishing centers and a permanent stock based on more than 8,000 references , ALMET has developed a relationship with its customers based on the service and professional commitment of the company. all of its specialized teams. In an increasingly demanding market where value for money is combined on a daily basis with the word service, ALMET certified ISO 9001 - 2008 has chosen to rely on a network of partners whose philosophy and commitments are in line with the continuity of the support strategy deployed by ALMET to its customers. Thus, thanks to this strong upstream network and the close collaboration of its customers in technical and aesthetic fields, ALMET is able to offer a range of exclusive products that meet the constraints and expectations of a clientele whose requirements have increased proportionally to the increase. level of competition to which the latter is permanently subject. Whether today in the layout, design, building or agro-food, marine and mechanical sectors, ALMET has been able to retain its customers and position itself as a key player. for all users for whom the arguments of quality and service constitute strong axes of development.

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