OUR HERITAGE ANGOALISSAR WAS FOUNDED IN 1992, AND WE HAVE BEEN COMMITTED EVER SINCE IN THE IMPORT, MANUFACTURE AND DISTRIBUTION OF COMMODITIES, FMCG AND FROZEN GOODS THROUGHOUT ANGOLA. Angoalissar established its first food print in Luanda, in 1992 offering our customer healthier and high quality product at affordable price. In 1995, we opened our first branch in Namibe, and in the following years, we expanded to Huambo in 2000, to Cabinda in 2004, to Zaire (soyo), Bié (Kuito) and Kwanza Sul (Sumbe) in 2010, and to Uige in 2011. Today, we are a leader in soft commodities and fast-moving consumer goods as well as the number 1 importer of food, operating in 12 provinces and employing more than 2200 people across all operations, with over 94% being local talents. In 2014, Amigo Academy was created in order to provide specific training to all those who work with us. Our success is based on the relationships we have been building with the trade, suppliers, stakeholders and consumers for over two decades.

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