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we sell wood as it is, alive and varied Dear customers, welcome to the website of AU-MEX sro, a supplier of wood products. We have been trading in wood products for 23 years and provide our customers with reliable supplies. Our 23 years of experience have profiled our activities on the following basic commodities, which we deal with with the utmost care and detail: OSMO WOOD BASE ON OIL WAX WOODEN TERRACES REAL DECK WOODEN FACADES REAL FACADE, BOARDS AND OTHER PLANED MATERIAL REAL FLOOR FLOOR FLOORS, EKOWOOD MULTILAYER FLOORS, OLD CHAPEL OAK FLOORS BOARD MATERIALS (plywood, OSB, underlays for floors) osmo Tanned wood The goods you will find in our offer include products from Canada (facade profiles, terraces and sauna boards from Western Red Cedar) from Brazil (wooden terraces from Massaranduba, Garapa and Ipe) from Malaysia and Indonesia (wooden terraces from Teak, Bangkirai, Bukitu) further from China (poplar plywood). Our European suppliers supplement our regular deliveries of wood and other assortments from Russia, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and we also purchase a large part of our assortment from Czech processors and manufacturers. We buy all goods directly from the manufacturers and thanks to that we can offer you not only good prices, but also specific and clear information about delivery dates, as there is no other intermediary between the manufacturer, us and you. You can find us at this address - headquarters: Poděbradská 574/40, 190 00 Prague 9-Vysočany Tel .: +420 283 933 452 Fax: +420 283 933 406 E-mail: By visiting our showroom, you will get to know the wood as it is, including its differences and properties. Each wood is unique in its properties and thanks to the fact that we know these properties and the differences of individual wood species, we can recommend the right type of wood for your purpose of construction. You will see smart and professional installation solutions for both floor coverings, facade wood and wooden terraces. The correct base and attachment of the wood is the alpha omega for the subsequent long-term functionality of the wood. We pay special attention to the surface treatment of wood in our premises, because the correct and functional direction of wood treatment is another important factor for the durability and good optics of wood. In order for you to be able to orient yourself in the OSMO surface treatment offer, an interactive OSMO house is used for you, where with the participation of our employee you can apply and try different coatings and shades on different types of trees and different surfaces. All this is ready for your testing, just come and use the options we have prepared for you. If you are a sole trader, carpenter, floorer, construction company or seller, you can buy from us at ŽL without any problems. However, the showroom door is also open to all other incoming customers, who can also use our consulting services. AU-MEX is always ready to respond flexibly to your wishes, as we are a direct importer of the range we offer and thus solve your individual requirements in case you do not choose from our standard range. Bargain events copy the current seasonal offer of goods and are already a matter of course at AU-MEX. Our logistics services within the Czech Republic and Slovakia are also at a high level. We transport shipments from our warehouse within 5 working days from the date of order confirmation to the entire warehouse range, where the delivery date may vary depending on the type of shipment. Of course, there is a purchase and direct removal from storage in a compact area, which will greatly facilitate loading directly from the dispensing warehouse next to the store. Private parking allows for hassle-free parking and your children will have fun in the children's corner, while you can consult with trained staff. What speaks for us is 23 years of experience with wood, its maintenance and processing. It is important for us that you feel good with us and leave with a feeling of a good investment. After all, what could be better than the feeling that you have chosen the right partner for your business or your construction plans. And we would like to become such a partner for you.

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