CelinAgro LLO

Production at the plant is headed by experienced engineers, masters of their field: Slivkin Sergey Alekseevich and Hanetsky Fedor Pavlovic. Some of the models manufactured by our company are based on well-known analogues. Thus, in the development of PPP-7, PG 3-5 was used as the basis, because even in Soviet times they were produced by the Celinselmash plant. Trying to keep up with the times, had to refine this unit, as a result, it turned out to be a flat-cutter trailer trailed PPP-7. This unit is adapted for foreign-made tractors that do not have a rear hinged device. Because every manager wants to see in his farm equipment, which is not inferior in efficiency to foreign counterparts, as well as to be able to combine machines, equipment and units of both domestic and foreign manufacturers. What our company pays special attention to. At the moment we produce and improve ploughs from 3 hulls to 12 hulls, from PG-3 to PG-7, cultivators of flat-cutters wide-grabbing from KPS-5 to KPS-11 and many other types of soil-processing equipment, as well as one of the main specializations is the overhaul of the planters of the SSS 2.1, STS. A special pride of our company is the refinement and adaptation of the 11-hull plough and PPP-7 for foreign-made tractors such as Buhler, Case and John Deere. At the moment we are working on modernization, as well as on the introduction of new technologies for overhauling seedlings and soil processing units, in order to ensure the long-term, reliable and uninterrupted operation of the equipment produced and repaired by us. After all, the customer wants to see in his farm a reliable and effective technique, so it is so important for us to provide the maximum alternative to domestic farmers. We provide our customers with only high-quality units and components manufactured in our company. All units produced by our company have been tested and recommended for use. We provide certificates and declarations operating in the customs union, as well as technical passports for our equipment. Our company works with each client individually, taking into account the interests of each customer.

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