CJ Freshway

CJ Freshway, which entered the food material distribution market in the late 1990s, before business-to-business (B2B) food material distribution was recognized as industrialization, is a food material distribution and food service company that aims to create a healthy and prosperous food culture. Based on the sourcing power of 24,000 domestic and overseas products, safe and reliable food materials are delivered in a timely manner using nationwide logistics, while operating CK (Central Kitchen), and based on differentiation and expertise, over 550 industries and offices nationwide. We provide food services (group meals) in hospitals and leisure markets, and are trusted and loved by customers. For sustainable business operation, CJ Freshway is conducting business-related cultivation through contract cultivation with excellent domestic farmers, a major business partner, and is passing on CJ Freshway's excellent food safety capabilities to small and medium-sized food manufacturers. In addition, we are playing a role as a reliable business partner for the success of catering businesses through menu development and various management support activities for small and medium-sized franchise restaurants . In the future, CJ Freshway is committed to maximizing corporate value through the industrialization and advancement of the market through ceaseless efforts and challenges . For this new market, digital conversions, etc. (Digital Transformation) to achieve innovation, growth by securing second gap competencies The ESG (environmental / social / governance) will be to gain a competitive advantage creating a sustainable business environment and ultimately society We promise to do our best to become a leading company in creating value.

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