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Description: Polar aluminum electrolyte capacitors consist of a rolled-up capacitor element impregnated with liquid electrolyte connected to electrical terminals and airtight in a housing. The condenser elemnt consists of: * Anode - etc. and molded aluminum foil. * Ctode - electrolyte impregnated in paper form. * Titanium foil - etc. aluminum foil for the terminal of the asada. In the case of non-polar aluminum electrolyte capacitors and starting (Motor-start) capacitors, the second anoid film replaces the single one in order to achieve a non-polar capacitor in one housing. Electrolyte capacitors are available with radial, tined printing terminals, SNAP-IN and screw terminals. Various construction capacitors for initial start of single-phase asynchronous motors. Application: Electrolyte capacitors are most commonly used in electrical circuits for filtering, connecting, smoothing and shunting, for accumulating energy or where capacitive reactive resistance is needed. The wide range of electrolyte capacitors covers various applications: Basic use: radio, TELEVISION, basic electrical equipment. Professional use: telecommunications equipment, switch power supplies. Non-polar electrolyte capacitors are used under short-term AC loads. Motor-start capacitors for starting single-phase asynchronous motors. Materials used: * Aluminum foil: SATMA (France), KDK (Japan), BECROMAL (Italy), PANASONIC (USA).

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