DIKS 2001 EOOD Electrical Engineering

DTS Ltd. is a private company which had been founded in 1992 with main activity in the field of research, design, engineering, production and service maintenance of digital telecom equipment for terrestrial radio-links. The initial project of the company was the modernisation of the stationary and mobile radio relay equipment of BG army by a development, certification and introducing in exploitation of the digital modems DM414 and DM409 working in compatibility with the existing radio transceivers R414 and R409 as tuning radio relay stations with military purposes. These 100% Know-How of DTS products had been highly appreciated during the International Exhibition HEMUS – Plovdiv’1998 for military equipment. In 1995 was started the new activity in the field of the Autonomous Power Supply Systems which slowly appeared as a basic one and developed in the following directions: • Distribution at an exclusive base, engineering, installation and service maintenance of Uninterruptible Power Supply Equipment, Automatic Transfer Switches, Harmonic Filters, Solar Inverters e.t.c., all of them in the range of products of the French company SOCOMEC S.A. which DTS represents for the territory; • Distribution, engineering, installation and service maintenance of Voltage Stabilizers and Harmonic Equalizers of the Italian company GTEC S.r.l.; • Distribution, engineering, installation and service maintenance of diesel generating sets produced by the Italian company VISA S.p.a.; • Engineering and maintenance of Radio Relay Systems; • Delivery of VRLA batteries produced by the United Kingdom company ULTRACELL Ltd.; In 2013, the activity of DTS was expanded with the distribution with exclusive rights of standard MCB, modular MCCB circuit breakers and air circuit breakers ACB of the Japanese manufacturer TERASAKI. As a correct and preferable partner to most of the important state and private companies in the field of IT, Electrical, Bank and Insurance, Industrial, Transport, Commercial, Medical, Services and e.t.c. business activities DTS wins in a lots of public tenders and performs quite prestige installations to the state administration and private business. According the marketing investigation of IDC Bulgaria for the local UPS-market published in 2009, the first place in all of the power ranges over 10kVA was acquired by SOCOMEC represented of DTS. The high quality and reliability of offered by DTS products and services combined with attractive commercial conditions, a correctness and professionalism guaranteed by the company`s international certificates ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 is the share hand towards any future partnership by the motto “Let’s acquire the success together”.

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