Quality and Occupational Safety and Health Policies DISINCO LTDA, Organization dedicated to the purchase, import and marketing of chemicals with reach to all its work centers, is located. implementation of the Organization's OSH for the management of occupational risks. Carry out the identification of the hazards, assessment and assessment of the risks associated with their activities, and the determination of the respective controls. We will comply with Colombian OSH regulations. Promote the quality of working life, the prevention of occupational diseases, accidents and property damage, as well as the socio-environmental impact. Periodically assess the health status of your employees to identify and timely monitor work-related health risks. Properly manage and dispose of waste by supporting the preservation of the environment. Compliance with the requirements and specifications of customers and other applicable requirements that the Organization subscribes to. The continuous improvement of the Quality and Safety and Health Management System at work, promoting employee participation. Sensitize employees to remain committed to quality and personal safety. This policy will be disseminated at all levels of the organization and will be accessible to all workers and other stakeholders, in the workplace and will be reviewed at least once a year and required, updated in line with changes in both Occupational Safety and Health - OSH and the Organization. ​

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