The ECOMAX team is a harmonious whole of experts with extensive professional experience in the field of waste management. The company employs environmental engineers, ADR transport specialists and economists, who aim to offer our customers a comprehensive, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and legal solution to each of their problems related to the generated industrial waste. ECOMAX has its own, modern, infrastructurally and technically secured specialized warehouses for acceptance, storage and treatment of nearly 800 types (EWC code) of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste. Since 2014, we also have a complex permit for waste activities. The company has its own fleet of specialized trucks for the transport of dangerous goods (under ADR) in the country and abroad. Our company has made significant investments in the purchase of specialized equipment and know-how for the recovery of hazardous waste. Since 2014, we have been recovering some of the most common hazardous waste in our own plants.

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