If you care about your health and the health of your loved ones, if you want to make your purchases without leaving home and receive goods of exceptional quality, then you have come to the right place! Welcome to the online store of medical equipment and consumables EKONET, which since 2013 has been engaged in wholesale and retail deliveries of medical products throughout Ukraine. Our online store offers products from the most reliable manufacturers of medical products known around the world. Among them - Johnson & Johnson, Olympus, B.Braun, Fapomed, ConvaTec, Hartmann, NewMed, Teleflex Medical, 3M, Ecomed and many others. The range of the EKONET online store includes more than 8000 different items of goods that are available in warehouses. Here you can find: Orthopedic equipment for rehabilitation - crutches, sticks, bandages, corsets, orthopedic insoles and more; Electronic compact devices for home and professional use - inhalers, tonometers, scales, glucometers and their components, thermometers, stethoscopes; Products for the care of ostomy patients; Products for hospitals - tools and equipment for operations of varying complexity; Sports products with medicinal properties - kinesiotapes, pedometers; Means for the treatment of skin and soft tissue injuries - bandages, bandages, hemostatics; Cosmetic devices and consumables - Darsonval device, disposable gloves, diapers; Clothing and footwear for medical staff and patients - disposable surgical gowns, compression underwear and more. To optimize the search, the goods are divided into categories and sections. There are separate categories of medical devices for diabetics, stoma patients, infants, athletes and medical staff, so that each customer can quickly find the equipment and goods he needs. EKONET online store is created for the convenience of our customers. The staff of the online store are highly qualified specialists who will be happy to advise you on any product presented in the catalog. You can ask questions by phone or directly on the site in the

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