ABOUT EXIM Trading was established in 2007 and has grown to be recognised as a world leader in the supply of fresh produce. With offices in Australia and New Zealand, EXIM’s produce is sourced and exported worldwide, utilising the best freight, logistics, customer clearance providers and value added service teams from around the globe. EXIM’s focus is to work in partnership with customers and suppliers, aiming to deliver the best long-term results for all involved. ​ Our management team has a wide and diverse background, utilizing over fifty years of experience in the fields of export, import, wholesale and retail business. Our commitment to providing a premium product is displayed by how closely we work with our supply chain to ensure that the highest possible standards are met from the supplier to the consumer. ​ Our priority is quality assurance and every step is taken to ensure that product handling and safety is of the highest order. The result is world class quality control and exceptional product outturns. Our goal is to become a bench mark in the way we export products and to enhance our reputation as one of the world leaders in product production and agribusiness.

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