Fresh Taste Produce Limited

ABOUT US Fresh Taste is directly involved in all aspects of the growing and shipping of our offshore products. We take ownership of the crops pre-production which enables us to accurately coordinate and integrate the flow of reliable and detailed information pertaining to all aspects of the product. This includes transit time, product readiness, and traceability direct to source. Our relationships with our growers allows us to ensure that we can make the best product accessible to our commercial and independent partners. It is mandatory that our growers use only the most sophisticated and efficient production techniques available, and that together, we commit to practicing food safety programs throughout every phase of the growing and shipping process by enforcing voluntary and regulatory inspections of products and procedures. Fresh Taste has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to design and implement many different programs, based on the individual needs of our customers. We can provide lid-pricing, specialized pack sizes, and as a result of our exclusive representation of many different growers, we are able to guarantee availability. Our team of professionals is dedicated to exceeding expectations by delivering outstanding quality produce at competitive prices in a timely and efficient manner on a routine basis.

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