alues The principles of G&J STEEL COMPANIES are as great as the organization itself. Going through the inspiration that lies in each of our values allows us to identify the backbone of our character. Each of the values have been defined contemplating the essence and human talent present in G&J STEEL COMPANIES. We are proud to recognize a range of virtues present in the hearts of our people: People with steel blood. From Support, Security, and Trust, we manage to articulate a common tradition, present in each of the activities that are carried out daily in the organization. Supporting is supporting and protecting our customers' decisions. We have a frank commitment to each of them, from understanding with dignity, cordiality and responsibility their opinions, to generating with transparency guarantees that protect each of our products. To speak of Security is to have the conviction of a solid experience that firmly and certainly checks the quality of our processes, negotiations and alliances. That is where our Trust is bornfrom, always expressing ourselves with sincere integrity, seeking righteousness in our relations, demonstrating our honor in being worthy to admire, allowing a family closeness, just and decent, estimating the actions of others and kindly respecting their dreams and hopes, always considering the notion of collectivity present in the largest Steel Network in Colombia.

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