Gresa Ragon

When in 1944 the family company Gres Aragón wasborn, nothing suggested that 75 years later, what was a pottery workshop, it would have become a company that produces more than 1,000 references of natural and porcelain stoneware, sold in a hundred countries,and is present, with its good doing so much, in the pool of a private residence and in the ceramic facade of a smart building. And all this without losing its essence: his love of innovation, for the work well done and staying in the territory that saw him born. Like you, At Gres Aragón we like the outdoors to enter our home. That's why our floors and cladding can be used inside and outside your home. They are made from selected clays cooked at more than 1,200oC and are perfect for both barefoot in the middle of summer and for withstanding the frosts of winter. They are pavements and ceramic coatings manufactured by extrusion or pressing, choosing the best technology in each case. At Gres Aragón we like colors and the variety of shapes and styles. We enamel our stoneware and expand the tone palette for each of our more than 1,000 references, and create finishing pieces, special,that provide architectural solutions and those that manage to round an environment, adding that plus of quality, elegance and comfort that only we offer. At Gres Aragón we also like challenges. We create facades and finishes for the most modern and historic buildings. We are proud to work with architects as prestigious as Rafael Moneo through our subsidiary Faveker. And the best thing is that the materials, techniques and team of professionals, work with the same level of quality and commitment either to install hydraulic pavement in your home or to restore the dome of a Baroque basilica. At Gres Aragón we like you to enjoy bathing! We offer ceramic products and systems for indoor and outdoor pools, sports, wellness and seaside facilities. Thanks to our love of detail and the exclusive catalog of special finishing parts, we adapt to the technical needs of each project and the preferences of our customers. At Gres Aragón we like to offer safety, hygiene, durability and resistance with our materials. That's why our pavements, stairs, terraces and swimming pools have high resistance to traffic, are antibacterial, waterproof and non-slip. They're made to last. In Gres Aragon we also take care of the Earth and our land. Because we are committed by: - sustainable management of our products, - the generation of 0 waste, - the fixing of the rural population, - share wealth in our environment. And, above all, in Gres Aragón we like challenges,every new project, every new client, is an opportunity to adapt to your needs and... their dreams. Follow us on social media, visit our website and find out what dream we are helping to fulfill right now. Our Mission, Vision and Values We invite you to learn about our history through this virtual tour

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