HS Holzexport Schuster Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Our pellets are a natural product - 100% made of pure wood! Our pellets are a natural product Wood pellets are made from sawdust that is pressed through a perforated die at a high temperature without the addition of auxiliary materials. Due to the low water content, the pellets have a high energy content and no longer require storage space like an oil heater. The homogeneity of the pellets ensures very even combustion with minimal pollution. As a pure biomass product, the pellets are CO2-neutral and therefore a very environmentally friendly source of energy to reduce the greenhouse effect. The ash can easily be used as fertilizer. Our cobbler pellets come exclusively from renowned productions, which without exception both DIN PLUS, as well as EN PLUS A1 are certified. We regularly check and ensure that all of our suppliers meet the high quality standards we demand for Schuster pellets . True to the motto - THE BEST IS JUST GOOD ENOUGH FOR OUR CUSTOMERS - we only work with professionals in this industry who understand their craft and can offer constant, high quality throughout the year. We not only check this quality personally, we also guarantee it by means of our regularly checked certificates:

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