HUS Steel Manufacturing and Trade

HUS Ltd. is a family company established in 1990 and headquartered in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Its main activity is trade and manufacture of steel products for which it is greatly recognized and has a superior reputation among most companies in the country and Balkan region. Over the years the company has invested in technological equipment, brand new and modern warehouses and human capital development. The wide range of steel products and high volumes of stock enable the company to suffice the market’s demand for steel goods in various fields – construction, engineering, processing, etc. The company has: - 14 warehouses, commercial and industrial facilities with over 1 600 000m2 total area, of which approximately 200 000m2 covered areas - Over 120,000 tons of available metal stock - Energetic and qualified team ready to meet and respond to customer needs - More than 50 heavy-lift trucks, which allows fast and quality delivery to the client - Financial capacity and liquidity to undertake on time all the obligations to suppliers and partners - Technical equipment for production of various steel products and billets (see Menu Products) - The company's market share is at about 20%, which explicitly defines HUS Ltd as a leader on the domestic market.

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