About The Company Import - Export of Spices and Food Products At the beginning of 2013, Impores, a company in the field of food import and export, was found. Strategically located near the port of Salvador, in the warm city of Lauro Freitas, Impores aims at the practicality and efficiency in the logistics of its products. The food segment was the one that started impores' activities, which focuses on spices. Since the beginning of 2019, we have a new place in the city of São Mateus, a predominant region in the cultivation of Pepper and other spices in the state of Espírito Santo. The company is always seeking to use the port closest to where the raw material is produced, so that the time of arrival at the destination is reduced, and the additional costs for customers are avoided. The company's objective is to market products of different colors, aromas and flavors, serving both the national and international markets. Impores aims to become a reference and achieve a wide presence in the market, serving each client in a unique way, seeking an ideal and necessary solution for each situation. Currently operates in the import and export of various foods from various regions of Brazil and the world. Know our values: Transparency Trust Commitment Responsibility Quality Ethics

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