Industria Lojana de Especería ILE CA has developed production processes that position us as an innovative company adapted to new technologies. From our business model, where we apply strategies to strengthen our suppliers in their sowing and cultivation processes, through the raw material processing system and product manufacturing, until reaching the end customer. We use organic bioles based on natural products to improve seed germination, strengthen roots and plant growth. Bioles are a strategic part to increase the yield of our suppliers' crops, without affecting the environment and lowering costs in the production process. Our irrigation systems are adapted to the various regions of Ecuador, focusing especially on the proper use of water. We provide crops and harvest that combine ancestral knowledge and modern techniques that guarantee quality, healthy and nutritious food. The processing of our products is supported by the Certification of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the guarantee of quality in the processing of raw materials. We acquire first-rate technology for the mixing and packaging of products, but in addition, we develop in our Mechanics area, machinery adapted to our needs and requirements that allow greater production and quality in finished products. We develop products that preserve the flavor of food thanks to our Research and Development laboratory, who constantly search for flavors and combinations to provide food solutions to our customers. ILE stands for innovation and technology, our certifications and recognitions place us at the forefront of the production of healthy, organic and healthy products.

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