IPAL was founded in 1952, starting the production of dehydrated foods in the country. Over the years, a series of new businesses are incorporated that motivated its corporate reorganization in 2005, positioning IPAL as a parent company with a series of subsidiaries, each one within a specific business. Thus, through his company, Hendaya participates in the Junaeb school feeding program, being one of the most important suppliers in the national territory; The subsidiary Innovalim produces food prepared under advanced Cook and Chill technology and Frozen Products, supplying the institutional market, restaurants, retail casinos and service companies; Proalsa manufactures cereals for breakfast and cereal bars, snacks, powdered milk and dehydrated products such as mixtures and broths, being the main supplier of own brands for retail chains, together with the development of product categories for third parties and food for the market institutional and concessionaires, under a constant policy of development and innovation according to food trends in our country; Rentals Paine Grande, in charge of the development and construction of real estate projects and their administration under a recurring income model. The Vertice subsidiary provides tourism services in the most attractive regions of our country, being based in one of the iconic national parks of our country, the Torres del Paine National Park.

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