ISM LLC is one of the oldest companies in Russia for the production of welding electrodes and melted flux. The manufacture of electrodes at the Izhorsky plant began in the 30s of the last century, when heavy engineering and weapons production (armored vehicles, hulls of ships for the navy) developed. The development of nuclear power required the manufacture of special welding fluids. To do this, in April 1979, a new workshop for the production of welded fluxes for the needs of nuclear energy engineering was put into operation at the Izhorsky plant. During the construction of the workshop, it was decided to place on the same areas equipment for the manufacture of special purpose electrodes. To this end, a contract was signed with Mansa AG (Switzerland) to supply basic technology equipment The distinctive feature of the Company is that its products are used as a rule for welding responsible structures operating in specific conditions (high pressure, high or low temperature, aggressive environment, radioactive radiation). Therefore, the first task of the team has always been to improve the quality of the produced electrodes and fluxes, to improve the technology of their manufacture. The company is constantly dealing with these issues with the country's leading organizations (Prometheus, St. Petersburg; The SNC of the Russian Federation of the NGO

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