About us Agricultural Export Corporation is located in the Altai and Krasnodar regions. The company started its activities in 1976. The Altai Seas Office receives, cleaned, dried, stored and shipped grain. The company is engaged not only in the reception, drying, sub-production and storage of grain, but also has a production facility for the processing of vegetable oils. In 2020, seas Was Created in connection with the global food situation in connection with COVID-19 on the distribution of Russian state and commercial reserves. The Krasnodar branch of seas receives and exports grain from Russia to other countries, as well as other types of food (e.g. flour,cereals, etc.). All products are certified by the Russian State Standard, which meets the country's regulatory requirements. Agricultural Export Corporation(SEC) ships agricultural products only to the foreign market for export through state-owned companies and their affiliated commercial structures of the Altai region and Novosibirsk region. The company has its own cul-de-sac for 65 cars in the Novosibirsk region and the Altai region, which provides stability in the schedules of deliveries. It has a container site in the Novosibirsk region to send products to the Far East, Mongolia and China. In the Novorossiysk port can send 65 containers at a time. The shipment is delivered as soon as possible.

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