The hour of birth. It all started in 1962 on a farm in Felizenzell. The father of Albert Kerbl, Isidor Kerbl, was a specialist in difficult births in cows. His tool: an HD birth era. This tool was to become the cornerstone of an unprecedented company success. In 1967, Albert Kerbl recognized the enormous potential for the marketing of this obstetrician and secured the sales rights. Albert Kerbl GmbH was founded in 1984 with five employees. With foresight, market knowledge and an inimitable speed, products were developed and markets conquered. In the company's 35-year history, Albert Kerbl GmbH has established itself as the most important partner in animal husbandry in its industry. To consolidate what has been achieved and to reach new shores will continue to be the credo of Albert Kerbl. With Ulli Kerbl as Managing Director and Product Manager for Agricultural Needs, the second generation of Kerbl is at the service of tradition and is decisively involved in the positive development of the company.

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