La Filipina Uy Gongco

Since its incorporation in 1971, La Filipina Uy Gongco Corporation has grown into a highly diversified company agribusiness, livestock and food company. The Company owns one of the biggest and modern flour mills in the country and is a major player in the production and sales of flour and flour by-products nationwide. It is also one of the largest importer and distributor of various grades of fertilizer and a leading producer of animal feeds in the country. It is the owner-operator of agricultural estates such as hog and sugar cane farms, sugar mill, corn mill, hotel, bank, shopping mall and real estate development. The Company expanded its product line from raw agricultural produce to meat processing, pasta manufacturing and logistics operations thru its fully integrated, modern, state-of-the-art facilities equipped to produce and distribute consumer products for domestic and international markets. The Company is committed to the most sanitary and efficient operations as it recognizes its responsibility to the public for safe and healthy food. It uses the freshest pork from its farms with no extenders added to the product. The company acquired the most technologically advanced corn-drying facilities that keep the moisture level of dried corn low and therefore renders the corn aflatoxin-safe. The Company also invested in an expensive equipment so that Filipinos can have a healthier alternative for staple food, the RiCO CORN RICE. Currently, the Company holds in its portfolio the “Amigo Segurado”, “La Filipina” and “RiCO Corn Rice” brands, among others. Quality Products and Superior Services Supported by its subsidiaries with over a thousand employees creating synergies and sharing best practices in the areas of logistics, technical operations, marketing, among others, the Company operates with integrity and reliability providing quality products and superior services to its customers. It has adopted a strict observance of the corporate governance practices and is continually adhering to the global standards in a competitive environment. For its dedication to excellence, the Company has been a holder of Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) and Food Safety Management System (FSMS), the highest internationally recognized standards specifically designed for food and feed manufacturing industries. It has also been recognized and conferred several awards and citations by various organizations. Our Social Responsibility La Filipina is steadfast to being an equal opportunity employer and a responsible corporate citizen, worthy of the trust and confidence of its stakeholders. As part of its corporate social responsibility to give indigent Filipinos hope for a brighter future, La Filipina set up the Uy Gongco Foundation, Inc. (UFI). UFI has been a partner of the Department of Education (DepEd) in their Adopt a School Program starting 2009. Since its inception, the Company has made a tremendous mark in promoting good education, creating positive impact on the lives of thousands of students and teachers through its various programs and projects.

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