We are glad to welcome you to our web site and we are grateful that you have shown interest in our product. Our company was established in 2013 and has started its production in 2014 during this time period company has faced difficulties but fortunately company has step forwarding not only in Egypt but in international market as well. Have you ever thought that products made Luffa was involved thousands of people more than 200 families are just involved in collecting Luffa. Our project is focused in social development and your motive is not only getting income out of it. Actually we provide opportunities to so many people to work. Just imagine when you use our products as consumer how many people you are in fact helping. For us producing made of Luffa is based in the regular quality control; and development of new assortment products where customer satisfaction is our priority. The policy of the company is to work with the partner with transparency. We have international certification which insures our consumer that they are going to get the quality products. Our team is professional individuals is always ready to give information to our clients about the products. We wish you has enjoyed visited our web site and we hope you will also become consumer of our products soon. We are glad that you have addressed our company.

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