Midway Metals

At Midway Metals, we support our customers to achieve more, with greater efficiency, every day. Our reputation is grounded in leading stainless steel solutions, unwavering service and loyalty, and flexibility through innovation. Proudly Australian-owned and operated, we’ve spent decades investing in advanced equipment and local processing across Australia and New Zealand. Why choose us? More capability More capability Our ground-breaking processing equipment translates to unique advantages for customers: reduced lead times, increased capacity, fast and seamless processing, a wider choice of lengths, widths and finishes, plus superior sheet flatness. More confidence More confidence We’re your partner in achieving exceptional results, on time, the easier way. Our local warehousing, processing and delivery expertise means your ideal stainless steel solution can be at your fingertips when you need it, even for the most complex projects. More support and advice More support and advice Our experience means we know how to maximise material performance for different industries. We provide informed, clear advice so it’s simple to make the right decision for your application. The best choice The best choice We source and stock only the highest quality stainless steel from around the world with different grades to suit your needs, including the ideal level of heat and corrosion resistance. “We’re proud to have helped advance Australian industries by making the largest investment in processing technology in our steel industry since the 1990s.”

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