MiTEV Metal Equipment

MITEV Company Ltd., based in the town of Botevgrad, was established in 1998 and specializes in the production of: Metal cabinets, lockers, containers; Metal production equipment; Welded steel structures; Metal pallets; Stainless steel products for the food and chemical industries; Customized steel sheet products; Metal machining An important part of our production is customized non-standard metal equipment. The company designs and manufactures custom-made metal structures.The ambition of MITEV Company Ltd. is to provide to customers complete products of high quality at a competitive price.Our advantage is timely and quality execution of contracts awarded by our customers, thanks to well developed and approved technological schemes with the help of a highly skilled team of engineers and skilled production staff.The company is housed in a new factory of 1,500 square meters, equipped with high-tech machines for metalworking.The company has implemented a quality system in compliance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008PHILOSOPHY The business philosophy of MITEV Company Ltd is based on quality, honesty and loyalty from the very beginning of establishing the company, which has contributed over the years for its good image among its partners. Whether you want to purchase hundreds of products or just a unique customized unit, the team of MITEV Company Ltd. approaches with equal care and attention each client and each project. Most importantly, we are available exactly when the customer needs us. We will work together with great pleasure and commitment.

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