MTD – The Company

MTD – The Company The “Modern Tool and Die Company” or MTD, with its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio is one of the worldwide largest manufacturers of motorized garden tools. MTD Products Inc. was founded in 1932 and remains family-owned. MTD has production capacities in the USA, Mexico, China and Europe. With its three brands: MTD, Cub Cadet and WOLF-Garten, MTD has a product program on the European market for the needs of every gardening fan - from hobby gardener to pro. The appeal of each brand lies in its individuality and distinctive appearance. All of the brands complement each other and form a comprehensive spectrum of motorized garden tools, from electric lawn mowers to garden tillers, snow blowers and compact tractors. From the factory to a global corporation Three young, German engineers - Theo Moll, Erwin Gerhard and Emil Jochum - immigrated to the USA in 1932 and founded the Modern Tool and Die Company, in short MTD. Within a few years, the company had made itself a name as a manufacturer of high-quality dies and tools. The first step towards expansion was made with its stamping and molding tools for the toy industry. At the beginning of the Fifties, the company also began manufacturing wheelbarrows. The further development of the company was significantly influenced by the production of this simple piece of equipment. Encouraged by suggestions from satisfied customers, MTD now also began manufacturing gardening equipment. This set the course for their new company profile. The first walk-behind rotary lawn mower from MTD left the factory in 1958. Back to the roots In 1970, MTD went back to its European roots and took over the Ventzki GmbH, a German company with a long tradition. The corporate headquarters in the USA recognized the importance a closed market with more than 300 million consumers would soon have for a growth-oriented company like MTD. Today, MTD Motorgeräte GmbH is located in Eislingen and is responsible for the support of our retail partners in Germany. The GUTBROD AG becomes the MTD Products AG With the take-over of the GUTBROD AG, two well-established companies active in the development of lawn mowers, were brought together. The idea was that the European market could profit in a more targeted manner from the first-class GUTBROD products. Since the invention of the first European motorcycle with rear suspension in 1938 GUTBROD has been a symbol for inventive talent and trust in technical innovations. Here just two examples: the first compact tractors rolled off the assembly line at our Saarland branch in 1962 and in 1983, the first motorized snow throwers worldwide. The values and philosophy of the brand GUTBROD live on in MTD. Our branch in Saarbrücken wasn’t just secured, but also expanded through comprehensive investments. MTD manufactures almost all of its lawn tractors at its production location in Saarland and as the only German manufacturer with quality “Made in Germany“, enjoys a good reputation all over the world. The European central office is continuously extending their production and sales network, which makes it easier to be present on all local markets. In Europe, MTD has its own sales locations for Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Russia and Poland. All other European markets are serviced via sales partners and importers. MTD takes over WOLF-Garten For more than 80 years, red and yellow have been synonymous for excellent gardening technology. Starting with the first WOLF-Garten tool ever produced, a field hoe modified into a drag hoe, the company's founder, August Wolf, simplified field work for farmers. Hereby started an exemplary success story, which made WOLF-Garten one of the largest full-service suppliers with the widest range of products for hobby gardeners in Europe. In September of 2009 WOLF-Garten was fully integrated into the MTD-organization. MTD’s product portfolio of motorized gardening tools was made complete with those from WOLF-Garten, the result of which is an unmatched range of fine products. Looking ahead Many years ago Theo Moll, one of the MTD-founders said, “The past we inherit. The future we create.” This means we may have inherited the past, but it’s in our power to form the future. MTD will continue its growth in the future: new markets will be developed, production and sales capacities continuously extended. MTD’s success was founded on 3 principles that today, haven't lost any of their value: employee engagement, the quest for technical innovation and customer satisfaction. The cornerstones laid by the company's founders in 1932 continue to form a strong foundation that allows MTD to look towards the future with high performance and motivated employees.

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