NEUMO IS MORE THAN 60 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE NEUMO GmbH + Co. was founded by Henryk Ehrenberg in 1947 and started the production of acid-proof valves and couplings for the food industry. Over the years of development, production plants and trading companies have been established on 4 continents. Currently, the company is a large producer and supplier of high-quality stainless steel and acid-resistant steel fittings. Our products are directed primarily to the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnological and cosmetic industries as well as to companies producing installations for these industries. The assembled machine park and an extensive distribution network with our own transport and warehouse base allow us to provide comprehensive services to customers from various parts of the world. We have thousands of products available from stock. We provide fast and professional service for each order. FOOD INDUSTRY We offer a wide range of devices and parts made of stainless and acid-resistant steel for the food industry, incl. stainless steel filters, sight glasses, fittings and fittings. read more> PHARMACY AND COSMETICS We provide, among others acid-proof pipes for installations, stainless steel valves and other parts for aseptic and sterile applications for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. read more> STEEL AND INSTALLATION PRODUCTS Our offer includes stainless pipes, stainless profiles, sheets, valves and a number of other metallurgical and installation products, as well as accessories and pipes for balustrades. read more> DISTRIBUTION With us, you can easily find detailed information on the availability of individual products and the delivery time.

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