Nicchio Sobrinho Café

In the city of Colatina/ES, on April 11 of 1955. Antonio Nicchio, founded the Nichcio Sobrinho Café, a family business and marketing 100% brazilian coffee. With the domestic market already won, in 1985 the company’s board was restructured and opened its first branch in Vitória/ES. This restructuring has enhanced even more power marketing company, with that, in the beginning of 1986 was given start the exports. After 60 years were more than 12 million bags exported, Nicchio Sobrinho café is now among the largest exporters of coffee in Brazil, having his name recognized around the world. In February 1994 was opened another branch in Manhuaçu/MG. The Nicchio Sobrinho Café has a history marked by struggle and claw. In a competitive market, it faces its countless difficulties – such as weather factors and fluctuations in exchange rates, citing some. Only solid companies, made by highly trained and qualified to successfully survive such turmoil. The Nicchio Sobrinho Café fits perfectly in this kind of company.

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