OneFortyOne was formed in 2012 following the acquisition of a 105-year lease of 80,000 hectares of plantation assets from the South Australian Government. The name OneFortyOne comes from the 141st meridian east line running between the South Australian and Victorian border. OneFortyOne is one of the largest private employers in the Green Triangle, currently employing more than 400 people directly and approximately 1,000 people indirectly through our contractor workforce. We are a major forest grower in the area and are part of a thriving regional forestry and timber industry. We purchased Mount Gambier’s Jubilee Sawmill in 2018. In the short period under OneFortyOne’s ownership, the company has invested or committed to invest just under $40 million in the sawmill to ensure it remains one of the largest and most efficient mills in Australia, securing future employment in the region. We are truly committed to the region. Later in 2018 OneFortyOne acquired Nelson Forests Limited and Kaituna Mill in New Zealand, with approval from the New Zealand Overseas Investment Office. The Nelson forest estate has a rich history, first planted in 1927 and now in its fourth rotation. Innovation has been a hallmark of the Nelson operations. In recent history Nelson Forests contractors developed the Falcon Forestry Claw, a motorised grapple carriage which has improved health and safety in hauler operations around the world. In 1996, Nelson Forests was also the first New Zealand forestry company to be certified under the international environmental standard accreditation. OneFortyOne began with just five employees and has expanded rapidly across multiple locations, each bringing its own legacy, history and culture into the company. Now, with a team 500+ strong across two countries, we’re committed to being the best that we can be which means operation responsibly and sustainably, caring for our people, the environment and the regions in which we work.

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