Primer Group of Companies

In 1985, five close friends pooled their time and resources to set up a small trading company that imported and then sold a wide variety of merchandise. They did not imagine then that almost 35 years later, the simple buy-and-sell venture called Primer International Corp. would become one of the fastest-growing and most formidable names in retail, with operations in 10 countries and relationships with over 150 leading global brands in outdoor, travel, action sports, footwear, fashion, wellness and urban lifestyle. And as the retail operations grew and with the rapid growth of concepts such as The Travel Club, Bratpack, Res|Toe|Run, Grind, Sneakpeek, Headquarters, Flight001, and Recreational Outdoor eXchange in the retail sector, the trading expertise was also harnessed to enable the Primer Group to diversify into industrial products and services, and energy efficiency services. Over the years, the dynamic group has secured a solid and profitable foothold in the air-conditioning, ink manufacturing, creative design services and silkscreen printing. The company has set up Stellar Equipment & Machinery, Aircond. Network Philippines Inc. (ANPI), Brushstroke and Designery, Union Inks and Graphics Philippines, Inc. (UIGPI), Beyond Energy Solutions Technology Inc. (BEST), and Riverside Nation Distribution Inc. (RNDI). True to the pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit that has guided the group from 1985, Primer continues to venture into new categories, such as hospitality, logistics, e-commerce, and capability building and enhancement, and pursue new territories as part of its vision to become an undisputed leader in the global distribution of premium goods and services. The Primer Group is determined to fulfill its mission “to bring the world closer to our customers”, and with the help of its local and international partners, its solid complement of professional and highly skilled employees and the guidance from its pioneering founders, it is on its way to doing just that. Our Mission To bring the world closer to our customers. Our Vision We at the Primer Group will be the leader in global distribution and innovation of premium goods and services.

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