We export every year to Europe, the United States, Latin America and Asia, Procesadora del Río has been characterized in processing and exporting whole shrimp and with added value. We do not use antibiotics in any of our processes. The implementation of numbered forms and control guides serve to implement the traceability of the product in each stage of the process, from the reception of the same until the shipment. It also uses skilled labor, materials and supplies of first quality. Procesadora del Río S.A. it is a company that quickly adapts to the trends of the world market. Improvements are made in our facilities in order to satisfy the high demand of Ecuadorian shrimp.. In recent years, we have increased 33% our processing capacity, with which we currently process around 300,000 pounds a day of the whole shrimp, tail and added value process. The investment made in recent years also includes state-of-the-art freezing equipment that reduces freezing times by 25% giving us the ability to offer superior products in less time.

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