We, Pulmuone, are a for-profit company that pursues the public interest of society by inheriting the spirit of love for neighbors and respect for life of President Won Kyung-sun. To be a company where working employees are happy, a company trusted by customers, a company that partners can live well, a company loved by the local community, and thus an attractive company to shareholders! This is our goal and management philosophy. In order to fulfill our social responsibility for all, we want to create social and environmental values ​​as well as economic values. Pulmuone is a company of'LOHAS that loves people and nature together', and is on the path of LOHAS to practice values ​​for my health and the sustainability of the planet. All products and services are researched and developed for the purpose of realizing the LOHAS value. We are practicing the LOHAS values ​​in our daily lives through good food, healthy life business, and good mind management.

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