OUR VISION In conjunction with the warehouses, RWA accompanies and supplies Austria's farmers as a strong partner in the entire production process – from seeds to fertilizers and plant protection to the best possible marketing of the products. We offer extensive services and state-of-the-art know-how. We see ourselves as an innovation leader in the agricultural sector. Through our international holdings and as a nationally active trading group, we secure new purchasing and sales markets and act as a partner of the processing industry with innovative supply chain management. OUR GROUP ACTIVITIES & SERVICES purchase, storage, transport and marketing of agricultural products from conventional and organic production as a trading group with a focus on supply chain management in Central and Eastern Europe; Breeding, production and distribution of seeds Authorized seed recognition, authorized calibration for analytical equipment Wholesale trade in Austria as well as international trade in the Central and South-Eastern European region with pesticides, fertilizers, inputs for wine & fruit growing as well as organic inputs Production and distribution of animal feed Services and own brands in wine & fruit growing Competent advice on all agricultural issues OUR INNOVATIONS & NEW CONCEPTS Research and development in the field of new varieties in agricultural crops Custom-made fertilizer - soil sampling and analysis service, online consulting platform, individualized and needs-based fertilizer mixtures from the warehouse. Agricultural drone service: aerial photography for estimating hail or frost damage, near-infrared images for detecting vegetation differences (soil, plant nutrition, pests, etc.), thermal imaging images for wildlife damage prevention and kitz rescue, as well as for checking solar and photovoltaic systems. Inspection flights over silos, warehouses and wind turbines, use-based application such as Trichogramma against maize squirrels. Milking machine optimization development and establishment of innovative business models such as contract cultivation on the basis of price derivation of commodity futures exchanges (premium contract) with optional minimum price guarantee for farmers or maximum price guarantee for the processing industry; Contract cultivation for bio-lentils; Contract cultivation for low-gluten brewing barley; Establishment and ongoing development of a quality assurance standard (GMP+ international) in a quality association RWA Group and warehouse; Mobile winery technology service team repairs and service the winery technology machines from the warehouse and offers assembly work (installation cooling line, assembly fermentation control, installation of cooling plates, commissioning and maintenance) at the highest level. Establishment and further development of the own brand PREZISO in the field of oenology and filtration, winery cleaning and rotary closures. Personal oenological advice and digital service (products, certificates and test reports) with Professional as well as legal plant protection advice and online consulting program such as A quick and easy way to find the right plant protection response to pests, diseases or weeds. Also available as a mobile version for your smartphone or tablet The departments of the Inputs department maintain intensive cooperation with universities, schools, agricultural training centres and public authorities. Transport platform: Internet-based communication and optimization tool for the management and allocation of transport services.

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