The reason for Séché Environnement’s existence is based on one simple and irrefutable fact: the planet’s resources are becoming scarcer while we demand more and more to improve our quality of life, and more simply because there are more of us on Earth. It is from this that the desire for a more circular economy was born, where, ideally, someone’s waste becomes someone else’s resources. It’s on this principle that Séché Environnement, a company of more than 4400 employees all over the world, operates, recycling anything into primary materials, or at the very least, recovering the energy within. In 2020, the Group was autonomous for 230% of its energy use, producing enough electricity to cover the needs (outside of heating and hot water) for a million people. The field of waste recovery is constantly evolving and requires innovation and investment in increasingly sophisticated technologies. It is important to remember that a fraction of waste can contain dangerous products, and here lies another strength of the Group: we depollute and treat the most dangerous waste products, and we recover sought after metals or molecules such as bromine. The fuel of the Group is more than anything a state of mind that insists on environmental rigour and proximity to people, as the Group’s membership for the last 15 years of Global Compact shows. Our curiosity, the motivation of our staff, and listening to stakeholder expectations contribute to innovation and the preparation of the future by making the Group a major actor in the circular economy. Already today we are building our skills for tomorrow to continue to build a planet where we can all live well. Joël Séché Chief Executive Officer

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