Sylvest Stål A/S

We fight to give you an uncomplicated steel trade - and at the same time the best advice and quality in the industry. It is about good relationships and good experiences. We can give you that because we have Italian passion, Danish structure and international class. Italian passion We are part of the Italian owned Valbruna Group with steelworks in Vicenza, Bolzano (Italy), Fort Wayne (US) and Welland (Canada). The steelworks produce approx. 200,000 tons of stainless steel, nickel alloys and titanium in over 700 different grades per year. Valbruna Group was founded in 1925, employs 2,500 people and has 42 subsidiaries all over the world. Including INOX. Danish structure We are a wholesaler of stainless steel, and have been located in Ry since its founding in 1978. We sell stainless steel plates, pipes, fittings and bar steel to Danish and foreign companies. In order to offer you the best service, we also offer special products, plasma and water jet cutting and sawing of round steel and workpieces. Our passion for steel must be seen in the light of an uncomplicated, structured approach to trading together. And it is a core value for us that a trade is only good when it is good for everyone - and a word is a word - both in Danish, Italian or any other language. The good cooperation is based on relationships, that we dare to take an extra step for each other and that we can develop together. We want the personal contact, where we contribute to the development of your projects and your company. International class Our steel quality and ownership have international class. As part of the Valbruna Group, your steel is delivered with an invisible stamp of quality from one of the world's strongest steel groups. And through our ownership, we have access to a world of resources, products and sparring, so we can be dedicated experts in all areas of your steel needs.

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