TRANS WORLD TRADING COMPANY, INC. (“TWT” or “company”) ranks among the top business conglomerates in the Philippines and is an industry leader in its many areas of business. Since 1946, the TWT brand has symbolized two very simple things: Trust and Reliability. Competitors have come and gone, but three generations later, TWT continues to serve, thrive, and innovate, much to the continued satisfaction and loyalty of its many suppliers and customers. Its operations cover: Local and international trading activities Water treatment and laboratory testing services Logistics services to manufacturers Market/product development in the agrochemical sector Today, TWT provides raw materials and machinery requirements to firms in the following industries: Semiconductors and electronics Plastics and packaging Oil refineries Printing Rubber and paints Agriculture Food manufacturing Animal health and nutrition Mining Personal care Automotive parts and tire manufacturing Aviation TWT also provides water treatment chemicals and services to treat waste-water, reverse osmosis, boilers, and cooling towers of corporations in the following industries: Mining Power generation Real estate – malls, hotels, office buildings Sugar milling Semiconductor and electronics manufacturing Cement and steel manufacturing Further, TWT also currently conducts investments in: Solvents and bulk chemicals distribution Computer software, hardware and systems integration Distribution of hearing aids and medical devices Plastic compounding Printing inks Non-life insurance Real estate. History TWT was founded by Don Pablo K. T. Uy on December 10, 1946. The company initially imported critically-needed consumer items during post-war reconstruction. In 1959, the company began importation and distribution of synthetic resins from major petrochemical companies in the USA, Europe, and Japan. TWT subsequently expanded into fine chemicals, agricultural chemicals, water treatment chemicals, plastics processing machinery, and agricultural implements. In 1972, TWT began operations from its newly constructed headquarters, Don Pablo Building, in Makati, the country’s premier business district. By 2006, TWT’s decades of growth and expansion led it to construct a Responsible-Care certified logistics facility in Laguna Technopark. Within this facility, TWT established and operates the Technopark Industrial Laboratory Inc. (TILI), a chemical laboratory that serves the water and chemical testing requirements of third parties, while at the same time ensuring the sustained in-house quality monitoring of its own products. In 2018, TWT inaugurated the Food Creation Center, a state-of-the art test kitchen laboratory to serve customers of its food machinery and ingredients business for innovation and development purposes. The Personal Care Research Center was established the same year to test and provide customized solutions and product variants for customers in the consumer and home care product manufacturing industries. To honor TWT founder Don Pablo K. T. Uy and long-time President Bun Chin Hwang, the facility was named Trans World Trading Don Pablo Logistics Center – BCH Park. In 2020, the BCH Park Complex was completed with the addition of the Chua Giok Lun Building as well as the Bun Chin Hwang Chemicals Building. Now in its third generation of leadership under Chairman Eric Paul C. Hwang and President Melody C. Hwang, together with its Board of Directors, Management, and Team, TWT aims to bring the best possible service and value to its customers and suppliers to ensure that the TWT brand continues to serve as a catalyst for growth of the Philippines’ 21st-century industry and economy. Vision A trusted full-service conglomerate continuously evolving to provide the best service and value for its suppliers and customers while serving as an impetus for economic growth. Mission To continuously build, expand, and enhance partnerships through dedication, service excellence, reliability and innovation. To realize new business opportunities in order to create increased value for shareholders. To be a value-adding partner in the nation through ventures in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Core Values Trust World-Class Innovation, Service, Efficiency, and Reliability Teamwork Commitment and Concern Integrity

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