Vergeer Kaas

To put it in a few words, we don’t make cheese but we are a dutch cheese company. We are specialists in maturing, slicing and packaging cheese for our customers in the Netherlands and abroad. We are a cheese supplier. We supply naturally ripened cheese as well as foil cheese and in many delicious varieties, such as the popular Gouda, Edam and Maasdam, or the distinct Emmental, smooth Mozzarella, tangy Cheddar and our special Mimolette. We also process speciality cheeses, such as cumin, sambal and garden herbs, as well as cheese from 20+ to 40+. Something for everyone! We are known for our large selection of packages and great assortment of cheese products. For more information check out our products section. Our customers represent a wide variety of market segments in the cheese sector: retail, foodservice and industry. Read more about it under markets. Each market has a wide variety of needs. We always listen to each customer and put a lot of thought into providing the desired products. You can always count on us for your specific cheese needs.

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