There are moments and experiences of family life that remain unforgettable in our imagination, when you are a child nothing compares to a family vacation, the attention of parents and the curiosity that awakens in us knowing other peoples and new cultures is a discovery fascinating, the flavors are different because the use of the ingredients is also different from where we started. Vovó Xica is the brand of experiences and flavors on a journey through Afro-Latin cuisine, uniting the hot flavors of Brazil and Angola, with the strong rhythms of Cape Verde and the dances of Bissau. Vovó Xica evokes the meeting of cultures between Africa and the Americas exchanging their flavors and tastes, our foods also give flavor and color to the gastronomy of experiences between peoples of São Tomé and the magnificent island of Príncipe, Vovó Xica intertwines cultures of Mozambique with the beautiful beaches of the indico. Join us and discover the secrets of Vovó Xica's recipes, bring your family and friends and travel through the flavors of the fabulous Afro-Latino World.

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