Wah Yuen Pencil

Our pencil division was established at 1990, since then we are concentrating in making pencil raw materials (17 different hardness graphite core & slats) for industrial sales. Gradually venture in to making good quality pencil items, which includes: A. Colour pencil range: High Polymer colour pencil Metallic colour pencil Water Soluble colour pencil Pastel colour pencil B. Graphite pencil range: Sketch pencil General purpose pencil C. Craft-man pencil range: Extra long Carpenter pencil Regular Carpenter pencil D. Raw material: 17 different hardness graphite core Slats Obligation to the society: Code of Conduct, we currently hold many success and update factory audits form well known licensees, name brand pencil factories, companies and accounting audit firms. Which clearly show that as what a member of earth village should perform.

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