ZEMAN maso – uzeniny, a.s.

More than 100 Zeman storesbirthdays throughout the Czech Republic Under the name ZEMAN maso-uzeniny, as you will find a specialized network of butcher's shops. At present, more than 100 stores are almost all over the Czech Republic, and other specialized stores are still successfully opening . We offer an assortment of fresh meat, sausages, delicacies, pastries and in selected stores also goods from the hot counter. In the ZEMAN butcher's shops, you will find traditional meat products made according to classic recipes using the latest technologies with an emphasis on an affordable price. Thanks to the daily delivery from the parent plant, the customer can indulge in fresh products daily with us. Fresh and quality assortment In order to indulge our customer in a quality and desired range every day, the company also has its parent company, where every day fresh Czech specialties with a long tradition are prepared, which the customer can buy at any ZEMAN meat and sausage store closest to him. The offered assortment comes mainly from the parent production in Příbram, where these products are produced according to Czech recipes. The priority is to secure as many input raw materials from Czech breeders and producers as possible and thus support domestic production. The parent production plant guarantees the freshness of the assortment Most of the products that you will find in the ZEMAN meat-sausage stores come from the parent factory in Příbram, for one simple reason. In order to ensure maximum quality control of the products offered to the end customer. Production in Příbram is specific for its overall process of fresh meat processing and sausage production. The overall process of processing the carcass (slaughter, cutting, production, logistics) is ensured here, and the customer of ZEMAN meat-sausage stores has the certainty that the purchased product has not traveled over half of Europe. In addition, he has been under extremely careful control at all times, which will be taken care of by constant veterinary supervision, which adheres to the highest standards. Adherence to welfare principles is a matter of course here. The support of Czech meat is also a priority. We can treat our customers to fresh, Czech meat and Czech products.

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